Sunday, October 19, 2008


We just arrived home on Friday night from our 7 day trip to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimajaro. We went with our friend Kristen who is here working on the home for former child prostitutes that Cornerstone is starting. Basically, the trip was amazing. We were freezing the whole time, but all three of us made it to the 19500 foot summit. We climb through all five nature regions and slept and walked through such beauty. It was truly a bonding experience although at some points we were quite miserable and we all cried at least once. On the summit night, we climbed from midnight to 645 am to reach the peak through whipping winds and freezing temperatures. Our water, hands, eyelashes, and toes froze. All in all, we feel a huge challenge complete and it was totally worth it.

Today, we are going to one of the boy's home Kibuli to start working on the medical records with Wilter. Pray that it all goes smoothly. Thanks for the prayers. Pray that we stay positive and really love the people around us this last three weeks of our time in Uganda.


ellen's mom said...

What! Your eyelashes and toes froze??? Did they fall off?? Toes turn black???
I don't think you told me that!!
Amazing,though and we are very proud of the three of you. Will pray that you will be of great service to Wilter as you help her set-up the program. Will save some fall leaves for you!!!
Much love,
Sally and TD

JP said...

Leah -

We are so proud of you for your accomplishment and all that you are doing!! We'll have to add a 19500 ft climb to the next Welbourn olympics. We'll contact the WOC.


Jim & Kathryn