Monday, September 8, 2008

Hoeing around in Kampala

So we have now successfully planted gardens at two of the houses, Makerere and Mengo. In typical boy style, the Makerere boys wants to plant as soon as they had half way finished tiling the land. The Mengo girls did all the tiling last week, and wanted it to 'rest' for a week before we planted. Girls are so patient. We made seed beds at both houses for tomatoes and eggplants--basically a small area with sticks planted in the ground all around it with banana leaves laying over them to shade the seeds from the sun. Fortunately, it also keeps the chickens out (chickens that are the neighbors typically just roam around all the houses, what could be detramental to the gardens...). We were also informed by a Mengo mentor that she had to stand by the garden all day to keep the goats out. It will be a miracle if anything actually grows.

We planted carrots, tomatoes, eggplants, collard greens, dodo, and nakati (both greens) at the houses. Today, we are going to Kibuli to see what we can plant. This is the transition house where the kids are freshly off the street so it will be interesting how it all works out.

We have also planned a teaching day for the mentors on Sept. 20th where the AIDS Information Center (AIC) is going to spend all day talking to the mentors about HIV, STDs, transmission, and how to incorporate a person who is positive into a group living situation. We hope this will lay the foundation for AIC to then test all the mentors and youth at a later date, this is just a very sensitive issue that has never been dealt with here.

Today is a national holiday in honor of the King of the tribe around Jinga that just passed away last week. All the businesses are closed and all the members of that tribe are going back to Jinga today for the burial.

Wednesday, in honor of Leah's birthday (everyone should try to email her happy birthday, or call at +256774696413) we will be going to Murcheson Falls for 2 nights of camping, hiking, a sarafi ride and a boat ride! We are very excited.

Please keep praying for the Health Coordinator we are trying to hire. We have now sent out 5 copies of the application and have 2 more people we have heard are very interested. We would love someone with a background in health who also has experience teaching. One person in university is already interested in interning without pay with whoever we hire just to get some experience. Keep this person in your prayers as there is no way Leah and I can find this person on our own.


Anonymous said...

Hey girls--Is there any way you could get some cheap fencing to keep the goats out? Remember when we were in Jamaica all the animals roaming around ate the chuch garden until you guys built a fence to keep them out. There also might be some sort of goat deterrent you can use, like a scarecrow that scares birds...I will google and investigate. Leah have you been making any cookies lately? I am afraid you are not getting enough sugar. Love and hugs, Mom

Anonymous said...

Here are some tips on keeping animals out of your garden from the internet:
Step 1:
Research the particular wildlife pest that is threatening your garden. Protection from wildlife is easier if you know the particular habits and dislikes of potential pests. (Like a gun).
Step 2:
Fence in your garden using wire mesh. This will deter wildlife such as rabbits from entering. For deer, you'll need to use a taller fence so they will not be able to jump in. Depending on the particular species of wildlife that you are having problems with, you may need to bury the fence in the ground to prevent them from digging under.
Step 3:
Place pinwheels or other motion items in your garden. Pinwheels are inexpensive and will keep many wild animals away. Move them around from time to time to prevent wildlife from getting accustomed to them.
Step 4:
Scare away wildlife with larger animals like dogs and cats. Both will be a deterrent to rabbits and dogs can keep deer away.

I can send a bunch of pinwheels with Dad when he comes. Love, Mom

Janet Halm said...

Happy Birthday Leah!

You will certainly have a memorable one this year. What an exciting time for you. Keep the photos coming too.

Take care!
Love, Aunt Janet

ellen's mom said...

Perhaps you girls are asleep by now but Happy Birthday, Leah. Hope you had a great day. Please be sure and take pictures of the gardens and the goats! And the water falls and all the "pearls" along the way! Love,

Anonymous said...