Monday, September 1, 2008


Last night we went to Ntinda to play soccer with some of the girls. It was funny because half the girls had cleats on while the other half was barefoot. It was painful to watch a cleated girl smack shins with one who was barefoot though they never complained. If anyone has any extra cleats (smaller than my size 9 1/2) Leah's dad could bring them in October to even out the playing field!! Anyway, it started pouring down rain on the dust field, so needless to say, we were muddy. Actually, we were covered in mud.

After soccer we decided to stop at a vegetable stand and try and break our large, 20,000 shilling bill (about $12.50). We purchased:
5 tomatoes
4 green peppers
2 eggplants
4 onion
3 limes
1 avocado
5 carrots
It cost us 5,000 shillings or about $3.00. Can yall believe that? There were a few mice running around the vegetables so that's a little downfall. Otherwise, we love to cook around here!

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