Sunday, August 31, 2008


Yesterday we went to the Mengo girls home to hang out for the afternoon. We brought a Frisbee (thanks Mrs. Welbourn) and the girls picked it up faster than any American kid I know. A few minutes into our game one of the mentors, Florence, who was doing the wash outside at the time, asked if we wanted to start clearing the garden.

Thus, she brought out 3 hoes, a shovel and a 'slasher' (in case you don't know what that is, it is how grass is cut around a long knife with a curve on the end). We spent 3 hours, in skirts and sandals mind you, clearing a plot. We found probably 30 old shoes amongst tons of yams that the girls will fix as a treat later this week!! These girls were incredibly hard working and cleared the plot faster than I could have imagined!

We are continuing to learn new things everyday about these girls lives, their hopes, their faith in Jesus, and the daily routines of their lives. We are excited to buy seeds this week and possibly start planting very soon! We have been attending a great church downtown, and this afternoon we are going to play soccer with the Ntinda girls! Please keep us up to date with what is new in your lives!!

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ellen's mom said...

So glad you have pictures on your blog. Thanks!
What are you going to plant in the garden? The US has a hurricane hitting New Orleans Monday afternoon. It's a beautiful sunny Sunday in Nashville. I think you are both asleep right now and so our prayers for you sweet girls are a good nights rest before a busy productive week. God is good. Love you.