Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Having a blast!

Right now, Ellen is ironing clothes for an australian man who is taking his little ugandian boy Micheal for their adoption court date tomorrow. They have gone through a three year stuggle to get Micheal in their family. Please pray for them that it will go well. I think that is one of the most wonderful things about staying here at the cornerstone compound. There are four rooms and we meet the greatest people travelling through.

We spent the day organizing and contacting NGOs to put together a health education program for the homes. We are organizing a manuel for the nurse that we are going to hire as well with job description, tasks, etc. Please keep the hiring process in your prayers. We are really excited about the program that we can leave here for these children.

We have visited all of the five homes in Kampala now and are very excited about the work ahead. We are planning for mosquito nets, better methods for boiling like with big kettles and waterbottles to store the water in, gardens at some of the homes. We love getting to know the kids and each story is unique to see how Jesus brought them off the street and has given them hope and a future. The mentors at the homes love the kids well and the charactor development program at the homes is so influencial to growing the kids.

The kids are inovative somehow too. Last night Ellen and I visited the fifth home, Bukesa, and we played soccer and monkey in the middle with a soccer ball made of a t shirt and plastic bags... can you believe that! The things they make toys out of! We are going to try to teach frisbee at the makerere home, so we will see how that goes.

This week, we are going to go back and hang out more at each of the homes. By the following week, we plan to begin some of our projects... we'll keep you up to date! Hope you are doing well in the States. We love you and can feel God working through your prayers here.

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Sarah Doss said...

Wow, a soccer ball out of t-shirts and plastic bags! Pretty cool. I am glad you are introducing ultimate frisbee to uganda :) I will continue to pray for you both. i love hearing about your experiences. Hope that you can find a nurse who is as wonderful as you, Ellen. Love you.