Friday, August 22, 2008


We have now visited two of the youth corps homes, Kibuli and Ntinda. most of the time there we spend just getting to know the kids and mentors and finding out a little about their stories. Today, one of the girls we met is a refugee from Rwanda. Both her parents and all but one sister were killed at home when she was 7. She and her sister then moved to Kampala, and her sister just committed suicide 6 months ago. Hence, she is now an orphan and trying to assimilate into the cornerstone Ntinda girl's home.

More than anything we have been taken back, yet again, by their hospitality. The girls do not have much, but they share everything. In Uganda, not many people ever have sugar...and the girls typically only each posho (flour and water) and beans. When we got there, we were served tea with a generous amount of sugar and rolls (I didn't know the homes ever had rolls). They then insisted that we stay for lunch. They went out and bough greens, dodo, to serve us with the posho and beans. It really hits home when people with so little share so much.

We might not have been here very long, but Leah and I are both feeling very settled. We were able to do some yoga on the roof yesterday and went on our first run today. My bag did come yesterday with everything inside, it was exciting! We are beginning to make plans to visit Soroti next week to learn how to plant a garden since the rainy season is fast approaching.


JennyB said...

this makes me feel that I should give snacks to the neighbor kids without grumbling so much :)

Seriously, my heart goes out to that little girl who has lost her family (at the same age Avery is now). I am so thankful you are there to love on her.

Linda W said...

Ellen and Leah, glad to hear you made it OK. Sounds like you are doing lots of good things, certianly makes us realize how much we have and how lucky we are here in the US. What wonderful people they sound like! Will send all the thoughts and prayers I can find your way.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning. I am glad to hear your lost bag arrived. Seeing what you see I am sure the contents of your bag carried mixed feelings of gratefullness and perhaps a bit of decadence. It is clear by your words that your hearts are touched with tenderness and that your are showing the face of Jesus. With Prayers and Blessings, Aunt Kathryn