Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Few Days...

We made it here to Kampala, Uganda on Tuesday August 19th as planned. Leah had a bit of a miserable flight (we think with food poisoning) and Ellen lost one of her bags. Leah is feeling much better, thankfully, and we are both delighted to be back in this wonderful country. We were greeted with white smiles and warm hugs by all the staff members. Our first day here has been rather busy. We met with Tim Kreutter, director, his son Eric, and the other two staff members who will be helping us, Phillip and Charles.

After that brief meeting catching us up on the Youth Corps houses where we will be working, we joined the mentors in their weekly meeting. This consists of praise and worship music for at least an hour, a simply prepared Bible study by one of the mentors, and then announcements followed by more praise music. God is good.

On Thursday (today) we took our first trip to one of the homes... the entry point for the kids. It was a home of boys who were so sweet and receptive to us. We walked around and talked to the boys and thought of ideas for projects... we have so many ideas. Pray that we can work through them. We let the kids ask us health related questions and they were full of them. We talked about everything from clean water, body mechanics, dust in your eyes, stomach bugs, and much more. We are going to visit two more homes tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you guys are doing this blog to keep all of us state side up to date! Thinking about you!

JP said...

Leah and Ellen. We are so proud of you for taking God's work so far away. You are in our prayers. Peace and love,

Jim & Kathryn Welbourn

JennyB said...

I am so glad you are there safe and sound. My heart (and my prayers) are there with you. (Hi to Ellen, who I do not know but my prayers are with her too.)

Leah, My favorite thing about knowing and loving you is that I really do feel like I am sharing in your adventures-even as I microwave last night's take out and fold laundry. LOVE YOU!

Craig said...

Leah and Ellen

Sherri and i are so happy that you both are doing well. We can't wait to see pictures and hear more stories. Take care and be safe. We are praying for you guys and know that God is blessing all of your work.