Wednesday, September 3, 2008

what do choking, gardens, and kettles have in common?

Today we did our teaching with all of the mentors who live at the homes with the kids. Ellen gave a little bible lesson on what god says about the body and keeping it well and then I taught about clean water, handwashing, and choking. Choking turned into me giving ellen fake CPR when they kept asking... what would we do next? It was pretty hilarious. They loved all of it and asked so many questions. We didn't get through nutrition or first aid, so we are going to teach another day. Then, we went to the market and bought seeds and organic bug repellent for the gardens. We are working on the Makarere home on friday and the mengo home on saturday. One of the mentors Florence, who is just a heart of gold, came up to us after the meeting and said that her home, the mengo home is going to make their garden a community service project and give extra to the other homes and to their neighbors each month. I thought that was a beautiful picture of generosity. Ellen and I also picked up five large kettles to make boiling water more convient for all of the homes. We had our taxi driver go bargain for the price while we hid our white faces under the window. It was pretty funny.


Maria Graves said...

Leah, It's Maria Graves from Chicago. Your mom forwarded your blog link. I just want you to know that I am blessed to read about what God is doing in your life. I will commit to be praying for you and Ellen as you share the love of Christ with the beautiful people of Uganda. God is amazing.

Aunt Faye and Uncle Don said...

Hi Leah...thanks so much for all the news. It really gives us fuel for prayer fires! We do not know Ellen, but will pray for her, too. I am not sure if my last note went through, so will send one again. Sorry if it repeats! What a wonderful experience you are having. Africa has a huge place in our hearts you know, having served there, met there and loved many of the people of that land. Keep your own hearts warm in the Word of God. May His blessings be rich upon you as you bless the lives of others in all you do. Stay healthy! Lots of love with hugs, Aunt Faye and Uncle Don