Saturday, September 27, 2008


We have been working hard all week doing interviews and trying to find the perfect person to be the health coordinator for the kids in the Cornerstone family. After six interviews and a ton of deliberation, we offered the job to a lady named Wilter this moring and we are so excited!! Wilter is a clinical officer (which is like a hybrid RN/NP with a little training in both roles). We are so happy that God provided her and that we will have something to leave for the kids when we go home to the states. She is starting on October 6th, so we will have some good to time get her aquainted.

I took a girl to get HIV/STI tested yesterday. Got got to sit with her for a while and talk about her life and her family. Both her parents have died and she is an only child. She doesn't know a family member in the world. She looked my in the eyes, ask me if I had a mom and dad and then went on to tell me how lucky I am. Wow, can you imagine. I really feel so blessed to be given so much in the world. It is really a challenge to us to remember others, to consider where they are coming from, and help.

We are going to Rwanda tomorrow to see the genocide museum and visit the cornerstone programs there and then heading to a lake that is supposed to be beautiful in s.w. ugandan for a two day vacation. We are pumped. Pray we will be safe.

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its really amazing to read your stories dear friends i really love your work and am praying for what ever your are doing in our country you can also check out my blog at